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Play Therapy For Children, Adult & Couple's Therapy

Knowledge and Experience

      Dr. Laurie R. Weiss has been practicing for over 20 years and has special expertise working with young children, couples and adults. Her group practice includes Dr. Lorie J. Muellenbach who specializes in working with children, adolescents and adults. Both Dr. Weiss and Dr.  Muellenbach work with anxiety disorders and have a special interest in treating those who struggle with it.

Whether a child, adult or part of a couple...

  Most people find that regular therapy helps them feel better, think more clearly, and promotes inner strength. Our goal is to provide empathy, feedback, and the best treatment possible based on years of experience, knowledge, and current research. We strive to provide a warm environment, to communicate openly, and work with professionalism and integrity.

Our Principles
We believe that the combination of  experience, research, warmth and empathy are all necessary components to providing excellence and individualized care for our patients. We work with a variety of types of clients and hope that you will feel comfortable with our approach. 
Our Specialties
Anxiety affects children, adolescents, and adults and has become a specialty of both Dr. Weiss and Dr. Muellenbach after working in the Peninsula for some time. Here in the Bay Area, there is a concentration of highly ambitious and accomplished people. This atmosphere of high achievement, coupled with a biological tendency toward anxiety, can result in uncomfortably high levels of anxiety for your child or adolescent. Most children, teens, and adults can benefit from a thoughtful combination of psycho-education, CBT, and Psychodynamic Therapy.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is effective for the treatment for anxiety. It focuses on the combination of thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to create change.

Mindfulness Therapy is beneficial for helping regulate the nervous system out of reactive or hyper-reactive states.  This modality focuses on becoming more aware of one's surroundings and environment to have better

understanding of thought and emotions.

Psychodynamic Therapy uses techniques based in Psychoanalysis practices that access deeply ingrained

patterns of the past and their influences on a patient's current behaviors.

Our Services

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Play Therapy & Early Childhood Mental Health

Child Therapy

Adolescent Therapy

Adult Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy & Couples Counseling

Parental Therapy & Coaching

We also provide in depth  –– Individualized  Behavior Plans 

and School Consultation. To learn more about these, 

please email us.

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Laurie R. Weiss, Ph.D.   or   Lorie J. Muellenbach, Ph.D.

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