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Play Therapy & Early Childhood Mental Health
Ages 0 - 5

 Play Therapy enables emotional and social development. It can ameliorates trauma, anxiety, mood disturbances, behavioral problems, so that children function better during stressful times in their life.


Children face social, academic, and developmental challenges in their daily lives. If there are disturbances in any of these areas parents will see behavioral problems or mood changes in their child. Learning differences, other biological influences and stressors in the environment can also affect a child’s ability to meet his or her full potential.  

Children will often show that they are troubled in their behavior. For example children will exhibit tantrums, bedwetting, or have trouble sleeping.

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     Young children aware of many more things than one would expect. They show us their  conflicts in their behavior. Play Therapy is an effective way to help them with their troubles as well as work with  behavioral disturbances. 


     Our team will assess your child’s presenting symptoms by gathering information from you the parents, teachers, and other doctors as needed. Based on this initial assessment we will give feedback and let you know how we can help you and your child.  


     Treatment may include parenting sessions that offer tools for your child’s particular behavioral problems at home as well as play and therapy with your child. If there are problems manifesting in school, we can work with the teachers or principal to help in that area as well.  

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