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Dr. Lorie J. Muellenbach

Serving the San Mateo, California area, Dr. Muellenbach was trained in Counseling Psychology in the United Kingdom and came back to the United States and became licensed in California.  She was trained in Play Therapy by Dr. Weiss and aims to provide a thorough wholistic approach to her work. She works with young children, school age children, adolescents and individuals. 

Dr. Muellenbach uses Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral, Behavioral and Psychodynamic therapies in her work. 

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     Dr.  Muellenbach sees her role as a psychologist as providing a clinical picture to help parents better understand their child and learn to support them. Sometimes the problems experienced by children with mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression, neurodiversity, and learning differences are severe enough to prevent them from functioning well at school and at home. Parents can feel ill-equipped to deal with what is coming up in these situations. New understanding can make all the difference in the world.


 Her passion is to help children better understand themselves and become equipped to meet expectations at home and school. When children aren’t meeting these expectations, they feel badly about themselves which can compound  mental health difficulties such as childhood depression and anxiety. Children often act out their depression and anxiety in the form of tantrums, aggression, and defiance. 


    She is a skilled therapist  trained to communicate with children using their natural language of play. Children play long before they are able to express themselves verbally. Play is the primary way children interact with the world. Play therapy is a way for therapists to better understand and assist children to express themselves. When children play with a therapist, the play becomes a form of communication that facilitates growth, understanding and can ameliorate trauma. 


     Dr. Muellenbach is also passionate about strengthening families. When parents have a better understanding of children, they will learn new tools and strategies to support them. Her goal as a parent coach is to facilitate that process. 

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