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Adult Therapy

Adults can experience depression and anxiety when life stress at work, home or in relationships becomes too much. We strive to help you to cope with difficult situations including grief, divorce, relationship issues or life transitions. Whatever may be causing a problem, counseling with a trained therapist can shift the tension and open up a conversation to allow for greater self-awareness and human connection.


When working with individuals, Dr. Weiss seeks to help a person obtain a sense of wellbeing and meet their full potential. Anxiety, depression, grief, and life stress can block someone from living a full and meaningful life. In this case, in depth work can be very useful. Taking the time to understand what may be interfering opens up natural sources of internal strength so that life's challenges seem less overwhelming.


Every human has a story, filled with memories and meaning. As an experienced Psychologist, Dr. Weiss wants to help you understand your path and help you find your balance. No matter what you reason for visiting our website, we are glad you're here.


Please reach out and let's discuss what ways we may be able to assist you.

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