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Emotionally Focused Therapy & Couples Counseling

If you’re a relationship and feeling overwhelmed or challenged,  there is help and most often there is hope.

Couples struggle when life stress such as a new baby, work stress, family stress or an affair impinges on the relationship. Couple's counseling can improve communication and reconnect couples. 


      The daily stress of work and living full life can bring tension and conflict into a relationship. Sometimes one person in the couple has a particular challenge they are dealing with, sometimes both are struggling with important issues.


     Dr. Weiss is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and primarily uses this modality in her work. This therapy draws on Attachment theory and aims to increase a feeling of safety between partners so that conversations can be had. No matter what the reason, many things can effect the communication and sex life of healthy couples.  Whatever may be causing a problem in the relationship, counseling with a trained therapist can shift the tension and allow for greater connection bringing resolutions to highly charged conflicts.

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